Anonymous: nononono I loved your blog 

have it 
u can have it

Anonymous: Hey u did the gif "Jonathan davis favourite moments part 1"? i need to know the video from the gif where jd are dancing, please! 

the video was called roaddawg if that helps?

jonathandavismustache: do u have pics of Jonathan Davis during his mustache eras? 

yeah on here somewhere probably more in the 2012-early 13 area

Anonymous: Do you have photos of young jonathan davis in his teen years? 


It’s that time guys.

I think my time on this blog is up, 2 and a half years ago is when I first started this blog and you guys were nothing but supportive and i really appreciate that! I’m at the point where I have to focus on a lot of other stuff in my life. Having this blog has been amazing for me because I’ve gotten to meet so many people that also love one of my favorite bands. Korn is still and will always be one of my favorite bands and I will always love them for what they’ve done for me,but I just think it’s time for me to move on from this blog. Its been really amazing and I could never have asked for better followers. Thank you guys!

If you want to continue talking to me here’s my Twitter,Instagram (i will post korn sometimes and JD follows me on there) and personal Tumblr,hey maybe I’ll even give this blog over to someone if they really wanted it or maybe come back one day. Please don’t be a stranger because you guys are really cool people!

a lot of people have asked about this over the years so heres the final counts.


posts:10,033 (including deleted)

Once again,thank u guys,I love you guys!

korn - make me bad

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Soundwave Festival 2014 (Austrália):

1 - Korn with Rob Zombie

2 - Korn with Living Colour

3 - Korn with Dir En Grey